As a business owner, it can be a challenge to maintain momentum and energy.

You know when...

  • ​You don't kno​w where to focus because there are so many things you 'should be doing'
  • ​You have customers but there's not enough left to pay you
  • ​Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Podcase, Webinar... How? When? Why?
  • ​You work so hard​ and you're exhausted
  • ​You have less and less time to do things that are actually important to you
  • ​Your family and relationship time is suffering
  • ​You are done with 'hustling'
  • ​You want clarity
  • ​You want a simple roadmap to move forward
  • ​You want someone to work with you to show you and create a plan for you

​My biggest take away was the need for planning! Huge difference when you write it out! I didn’t realize I was a little stuck until Iattended the workshop. 


Get Clarity and Build a Business to Meet Your Goals. Discover How to Build and Market a Profitable and Sustainable Business and Brand

Its time right now to invest in you and your business, to ensure your growth is strategic, sustainable and aligned to achieving YOUR goals.  Join us at our next Business Builder and Marketing Retreat, our Business Lock-In, in San Antonio, Texas.

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...​its time to get real a​nd get it done in one intense weekend


​The Business Lockin

A three-day intensive workshop of making change and stepping up your

entrepreneurial game.

​Who attends these business building intensives?  People like you​...

I know you….

​​You’re an entrepreneur, you are good at what you do and yet…’ve become stuck. Whether you are still employed, looking to get back into the game or already gone out on your own, you’re feeling overwhelmed and uncertain… are being told to build high ticket items, livestream, create webinar funnels, start a podcast, write content and create groups.  You are so overwhelmed that you want to throw something and it’s just not as fun as you thought it would be….and lets not talk about your bank account.

Your business and software costs have quadrupled, everything seems more complex and there are times when you have even questioned yourself and your own ability as an entrepreneur.

You are someone who knows your ​quality and delivery are the best​... but how do you get that message out, to where it needs to be.  How do people find you, how do you get a team that understands what you are trying to achieve and work for you, how do you build a business that enables you to do what you love and how do you make money….

The good news is​... its really quite simple.  And that is why we are here.

We see you burning for change.  That deep grinding firepit in your belly that doesn’t have time for months of auditing and fact-finding to scheduled coaching…you want to change.  You want results.

And you want them, NOW!

We call it a lock-in and an intensive for a good reason​... over the three days you will first LEARN and then we work together to create and DO everything you need, to make and embed change in your life and business.

​Are You Ready to take your business and
your life to a place you can only dream of right now?...

Get Ready to LEARN first... then DO...

so that you can

Re-Design Your Business and Create a Sales Sequence That Works

Build Your Foundations, Create The Automation and Leverage

​Embed Your Change and Create Habits that Make Growing Your Business Simple

Here's what we will do together...

DESIGN IT - On day one we go back to basics and CREATE or RE-CREATE the business that really want. Through group learning, followed by one to one tailored implementation session we review goals, your strategic business plan, structure and growth and business foundations.  We also create your personal brand, pricing structures and your niche. 

BUILD IT - Day two is all about THE DOING in a supported environment with immediate feedback and review. Together we will build your sales sequence (or funnel) that has your clients coming back to you repeatedly and building the sales processes and automation that ensures you and your business stand out in your market and leverage your time.  

IMPLEMENT IT - On day three, we get busy and start implementing and selling.  Today we plug in your content, switch on your marketing and start connecting you with your future clients. Day 3 is about creating great habits and building a success mindset; together we will set your implementation plan that sets your sales momentum

​This is not a course or a seminar...
and its NOT for the faint-hearted

This ​lockin intensive ​is a kickstarter to take your life and your business and sling-shot them forward.

You will not be sitting in a theatre of a thousand people madly taking notes that you will never have the opportunity to implement, you will be working with ​us and a very small peer group of carefully selected entrepreneurs you design to build and to implement the change you want in your business.

Meet ​Your Coaches

Meet Christine...

​Christine has been growing businesses through leadership coaching, organisational design, workforce planning and strategy for more than 20 years.  She now speaks on global stages and most recently published her book Grow Your People Grow Your Business.

Having commenced her career in global corporations and big 4 firms, Christine now specialises in working with business leaders and entrepreneurs, moving them from where they are today, to where they want to be.

When Christine isn’t coaching her clients to success, she is to be found working with her global team, running her own online platforms, kickboxing or being ‘just’ mum.

Meet ​Jennifer...

​Jennifer Anderson is a licensed attorney and certified coach, certified practitioner of neurolinguistic programming, certified hypnotist, and certified Timeline Therapy practicioner.

Both as a student and as a consultant, Jennifer has trained in enhancing performance and productivity in all areas of life for more than 20 years. She has dedicated her career to helping clients solve problems, overcome limitations, and achieve success in their personal and professional life.

After graduating from University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston Law Center, Jennifer has dedicated her legal practice to assisting entrepreneurs with their business, real estate, and estate planning needs.

When not working with entrepreneurs to build their business legacy and preserve it for future generations, Jennifer loves spending time with her husband and three children, watching Longhorns and Spurs games, studying personal development courses, and any and all beach activities.

What you do in your business TODAY is what you will see in you business in THREE MONTHS.  Every day needs to be TODAY….we set the forward momentum and make it simple for you to maintain.

​Yes! I need this RIGHT NOW and am ready to make
immediate change

​Here's How it Works...

  • 1
    ​We have an ​initial strategy call to help us understand where you are right now in your business and where you want to be.  This also helps us tailor the intensive to you and your brand, during the workshop
  • 2
    ​We add you to our systems, our private groups online and get you connected to the small group of entrepreneurs that you will be working with at the retreat
  • 3
    ​We get together at the 3 day business intensive retreat where we will be working ON your business and brand and implementing everything immediately
  • 4
    ​We follow up with you for a post-retreat accountability call, to check in with your implementation plan and provide any mentoring and coaching needed, to move you forward

​Apply Now for The Early Bird ​Rate​

​Plus, if you apply NOW and You’re Accepted, You’ll Receive All of These Amazing Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

  • Bonus #1 Access to Christine’s ‘HR Library’; a vault of all tools templates and checklists for hiring and managing employees
  • Bonus #2 Access to Jennifer’s ‘Business Foundations’ for legal templates, tools and checklists
  • Bonus #3 Templates, training materials and checklists
  • Bonus #4 A copy of Christine’s book ‘Grow Your People Grow Your Business – Big Business Secrets for Small Business Budgets’
  • Bonus #5 1 x pre-Coaching and strategy call to set you up for success and tailor the retreat to you and your brand
  • Bonus #6 1 x post-Accountability Coaching call to support your implementation and maintain your forward momentum
  • Bonus #7 3 x days accommodation (twin share) in luxury accommodation
  • Bonus #8 3 x days breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks and hot drinks

​What Our Clients Say


​​it literally felt like you were holding our hand.  I appreciated someone who was available and could break things down into steps so our dreams didnt feel so overwhelming


​​Christine kept me solution focused.  She has an insane amount of experience and is insightful and progressive in her thinking; easily able to ​analyse our industry and understand our business and goals


​If you have a chance to work with Christine - take it! She made such a profound difference in my business, I cannot explain how many things improved. She's honest and she helps you find solutions. She's brilliant and brutal, and will transform your life as a result.


​Christine's direction and the changes she has brought to our mode of operation has given us the focus to bring on three new services. She has given our managers the skills and ability and tools to use, to manage their teams and the day to day leadership. Such a big component of running a business.


​​thank you for all your wisdom and guidance while navigating the growth we have undergone.  we have really benefitted


​​having Christine in our corner gives me the confidence and knowing that we are doing things for the right reason and we have set the foundations for our future success


​Thanks for the great session. Certainly some tough conversations and some deep thinking but I'm so excited...


​What would I do without you?? Go mad probably. I so appreciate all the ways that you have contributed to my practice


​We needed someone with a professional clarity of vision to guide us as we develop strategies for our business. Christine has delivered with enthusiasm, insight and expertise.


​Christine can read people exceptionally well. Her level of emotional intelligence is amazing and she was able to deal with and gain the respect of high level executives and the staff. She listens, Simple, she knows her sh*t


​Join us and select group of like-minded and motivated entrepreneurs NOW in an intimate setting in San Antonio where you will have the opportunity to work with is ON building your business


The testimonials on this website are from real and satisfied clients.  Their results may not be your results.  Specific results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from business to business.